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#39 (660), September 21st, 1940
#14 (531), April 2nd, 1938
#21 (434), May 16th, 1936
#19 (432), May 2nd, 1936
#17 (430), April 18th, 1936
#15 (428), April 4th, 1936
#29 (78), July 13th, 1929
#25 (74), June 15th, 1929
#23 (72), June 1st, 1929
#19 (68), May 5th, 1929
#9 (58), February 23rd, 1929

Рубеж (Харбин)

Published in Harbin since 20th August, 1926 till 10th August, 1945

Frontier literary magazine contributed to formation and development of Russian literature abroad. It published prominent writers and poets, informed its readers on political and cultural life in the world and the Far East. Pages with classified ads witness a boom of business and cultural life in Harbin.      
The publication stopped in the August of 1945, when Red Army entered China. Almost all the s team and many authors were arrested and deported to the USSR*.  Valery Pereleshin, a poet, recalled : “They gave a party for writers and journalists and sent personal invitations, so no one could escape…And then, at the end of the party, called their guests by names to arrest them on the spot ”.

*Our readers might need an explanation of what “deportation to the USSR” was like. Vans carried people straight to Siberian prison camps where almost certain death was their lot. Only a few Russian Harbinians had survived. Grounds for sending to the camp often were entirely absurd. Thus, 24 year old Boris Vasilyev lived his all life in Harbin and yet he was accused of “damage inflicting to kolkhozes”. 

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