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#2, June 1st, 1933
#1, May 1st, 1933

За Рулемъ

The Wheel. Published in 1933 in Paris

From the Editor:  « Our path in emigration is hard and thorny… May be our offsprings will see our time as grand and heroic; that’s no help for us. But hardships we suffer, routine of exhausting work, miseries, or, worst of all, bitter sense of estrangement and alienation from our homeland cannot break our spirit. We, the group of emigrant drivers, publish today the first issue of The Wheel with hope that it shall unite all those who has kept a God-given talent, who holds their being Russians as the dearest of all, whose hope is still alive… »

— This was how the editors of The Wheel addressed their readers in the May of 1933. 

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